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Of Montreal: "Feminine Effects"

Big thanks to Culture Bully for ripping this MP3 from Of Montreal's appearance on Minnesota Public Radio. You can grab the full performance there, including Neil Young and The Who covers.

MP3: Of Montreal - Feminine Effects (live on MPR.

There's a real beauty to this version of Of Montreal's new song "Feminine Effects" that I don't know even Kevin is aware of. With just the two-piece composition, the sadness at the heart of the song hits harder than ever before. In the second half of the song the protagonist recalls their immersion into the glitzy world of New York, remarking that they always thought a limousine "was something to be laughed at." It's a heartbreaking song that hits in all sorts of ways. Sonically it's a bit of a David Bowie throwback, while thematically it's a close cousin to "Sugar Daddy" from the gender-bending musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Of Montreal's upcoming record Skeletal Lamping will likely be out late 2008. Two home runs in two years? If it were any other band I might be even the tiniest bit skeptical.

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