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Hemisphere Reunion

Apparently Masters of the Hemisphere are doing three reunion shows with Bugs Eat Books and Je Suis France. Thankfully, one of those takes place in good ol' Lexington, Kentucky. If you're in town Friday night, I highly suggest you check it out. They're playing at Underlying Themes with Bugs Eat Books, Je Suis France and The Elephants.

MP3: Masters of the Hemisphere - Everybody Knows Canada

MP3: Masters of the Hemisphere - Meteor

I think it's funny to listen to bands that people say they "think I'll love." Sometimes I burst out laughing, other times I get bored; with this one, everybody was right on the money. Masters of the Hemisphere are catchy, witty and a credit to the Athens music scene.

Masters of the Hemisphere on Myspace

Check out some cool videos of Voxtrot performing live.

The One Red Paperclip guy is up to an evening with Alice Cooper.

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