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Volunteer Pioneer: "Separate Planes"

So my friend messaged me about Volunteer Pioneer, adding that she liked it, but didn't want to. And after spending a day with it, I can see why. They try so hard to be dramatic. that it actually kind of works. Allow me to explain.

MP3: Volunteer Pioneer - Separate Planes

Volunteer Pioneer are a product of the times. I can't accuse them of bandwagoning with their Arcade Fire-meets-Bright Eyes sound, but I can say that they're emotive. And while it sometimesis it might not have worked out exactly as they planned (the 1:25 mark), I just can't stop enjoying it. Blame the playfully plunked piano melody or the barely audible harp, but something has me hooked.

The Rosebuds

I was absolutely heartbroken when I realized that the Rosebuds were playing the same day that I'd planned to write a final paper and prepare for an 8am final. So naturally I did what any red-blooded music fan would do: I went to the show. Now, I can't claim to have stayed longer than five songs, but I did head down to the Dame with my essay less than half finished and my exam in 8 hours. And you know what? I'd do it again - only this time I'd stay longer.

MP3: The Rosebuds - Get Up, Get Out

One notably cute thing did happen. After the Dame let off a bit of smoke to accentuate their nifty LED lights, Kelly pointed out that this was their "first smoke machine show." Glad we could offer up something unique to a band that's played just about everywhere. In return the Rosebuds offered up one of the liveliest, danciest sets I'd see delivered at the Dame. It's a shame I had to retreat to my house to write essays, but at least I'll sleep soundly knowing that I proved to myself that fun and work can coexist.

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